Lesson Videos (Updated)

I’m excited to share my next venture in teaching, adding videos to my blog.

As apart of moving to Ohio and changing my teaching license from a NJ license and adding on an Ohio license, I need to be apart of the Resident Educator Program (RE Program). This program is a four year active program for teachers who have gotten their teacher license in OH after July 2011.

When I was first planning my move to OH in 2009, I worked hard to take and pass the Praxis test to qualify for my OH teachers license.  I successfully gained my temporary license in July 2009 which would last for two years. I moved to Ohio in June of 2010 and began to volunteer with the Rainey Institute for one year as their art teacher. I still had a temporary teacher license in OH, but my two years was close to ending.  I did not find my current full time job as a teacher until July 2011. At that point the RE Program was just beginning. I was literally one of the first people to enter this program. It was SO new that there was very little information on it. I got in touch with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and they explained to me that I would need a mentor who worked in my school, also had their OH Teachers license and needed to be teaching for a certain amount of years. This was a lot of news to digest in the first week or two of starting up your new job, and for me to begin my career with. I’m thrilled to say that I had all of the help and support I could ask for from my school, and I am now in my third year of my RE Program. I have a wonderful mentor who has been very supportive of my progress of this program. I am now at a stage in the program where I need to begin taking videos of my lessons. While watching yourself on a video allows for plenty of person critiques (I should stand up straighter, I need to slow down my instruction some times, etc.) it has been a really great tool for me to learn about my teaching style and what I need to adjust. As I edit the videos and put them up I will add them to this page in the hope that not only will the video lend itself as proper evidence for the ODE to see how stellar of a teacher I am, but maybe to help out a fellow teacher out there (or two).

Comments are welcome! For we cannot not know what to change if we don’t know we need to change. 


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