Printmaking Week 4

LESSON TITLE: Printmaking (4 of 6)
TEACHER NAME: Jennifer November
GRADE LEVEL: 7th & 8th
CLASS TIME: _1hr 45_Minutes _1_Days/week _6_# Class(es)


Students will carve their second layer of their reduction prints and print on the card stock for final products to be made.


  • Pencil
  • Newsprint or Drawing paper
  • Erasers
  • Gouge, blades #1-6
  • Cutting block surface
  • 4×6 Linoleum block
  • 4.5×6.5 Card-stock (can be found at most craft stores often used for scrapbooks)
  • 5×7 Blank cards and envelopes (used for mounting later)
  • Ink of various colors (water based)
  • Inking tray (we used old baking sheets, just needs to be a non-absorbant surface
  • Phone book
  • Brayer


Students are to continue on the path in which they begun. In this class they should be carving either their first or second layer of their reduction print and they should create their first layer of their print.

Follow up

We didn’t get a lot of time during this session because of an assembly, so we had to use our time are fast as we could. The students did a really nice job of using the time and many of them were able to make test prints. I encouraged them to get their layer perfect and if they had time they could print, and if they didn’t to print the following week.


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