Holiday Gifts


Each year my students will work hard baking thoughtful cookies or hand dipped chocolate pretzels. It’s such a nice time to give and to teach about  the joy of giving.

But when you have 28 students, plus the 6 that you are with everyday who wait for the bus like I do, you need to come up with something that would be both thoughtful and fun while not burning a hole in your pocket. I was excited when I came up with something last year and it went over really well. I decided this year to share what I’ve used.



First I start off with candy canes and truffles (I found out the the Lindor truffles are a favorite and they are not too expensive, plus they come in a variety pack which is always a little added fun).



I also use ribbon, various holiday colors are good. I got this from Walmart, but any craft store works too



Cut about 6-7 inches of ribbon. (The length will help with having longer curls later.) Tie it around the end of the candy cane just once.



Now add a chocolate truffle. Tie on the end of the twisted part of the candy to a new knot in your ribbon which is already attached to the candy cane. Then use scissors to curl the ends.



Done! Fast, easy and they look great!



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