Color Study #2 (follow up)

In our third week of lessons we are reaching lesson two of our color studies. Last week we dove right into our second color lesson. Regardless of it students had finished the lesson from week one, I wanted everyone to start at the same time. I began with going to each student and asking them which two (of the three) primary colors they decided to paint with and what emotion they would be trying to convey. Last week I had told them to prepare by coming into class with an emption in mind and the two colors they would use. (This is a huge helpful tool as a teacher to keep these side notes so I can help out the students with advice on colors they should use, as well as give the student a goal to stick to and ultimately reach). The emotion they choose was a secret and I wrote down in a note book what color each student was using and the emotion they were trying to convey. We then went over the vocabulary words we have used in the past such as primary, secondary, local color, monochromatic colors, etc. I wanted to refresh their memories with the words they should now feel comfortable using.


When painting this project myself I found the best way to get into a rhythm of painting was to first mix your color of paint. Once you get your desired color then lay down the tape (keeping in mind the color you are using and the best place for the color). Then lay down 4 pieces of tape per square. No square should be next to each other (creating a rectangle). Make sure you burnish your tape and then lay down a thin lay of color. It is better to begin in thin layers and paint over an area, rather than to lay it down too think and risk the paint leaking underneath.

The paint will dry while you mix your next color. Once you get your second color painted, pull up the tape from your originally painted square, lay the tape down in a new area (reusing the painters tape, since it is expensive and it can be reused). NOTE: It’s better to lift the tape when the paint is still tacky because this will leave a cleaner line and will have less risk of chipping.

NOTE: I bought the kind of painters tape that can be used on delicate surfaces, or recently painted surfaces so it didn’t create too strong of a bond with the paper.

Students began with mixing color, then laying down tape.

DSCN0540 DSCN0543 DSCN0547 DSCN0548

The first color was almost like a test for more of them. They acted conservatively and worked carefully. Soon enough they got the hang of it.

DSCN0552 DSCN0561 DSCN0564

As they got the hang of it they were able to have some more fun with mixing and making colors. I heard remarks such as “This is a lot of fun!” and “I love that I can make my own colors with jus the primary colors, I didn’t know I could make so many colors.”

I’m looking forward to next week, I hope the class will finish this project and that we will also have enough time to have a class critique. My plan for them is if they finish early they can then work on their first project. If that is already finished then I have come up with a crossword puzzle using all of the vocabulary words we have gone over many times.

Color Theory Crossword

Color Theory Crossword Answers

For our class critique my hope is for the students to each have a chance to have the class guess what emotion they were trying to convey and then share with us their intention and what they liked about the project and what they may have done different if they felt there was something more they wanted to have.

This will be a great segue-way into our third and last lesson, Color Study 3, learning about current artist Wolf Kahn and his use of color. We will then paint a land scape using his techniques of only using bright colors, and creating a beautiful scene.


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