Welcome Mrs. November!

“Make small talk. People who create their own luck don’t wait for a great opening line, nor do they initiate conversation with big talk… They tend to talk about little things: weather, traffic, movies, and the like. They might start by saying. “Hello, how are you?” They they listen to the response, build on it, and create a connection. By seeking out serendipity, they make things happen in their lives.” 

– From How To Create Your Own luck, Susan Roane

When I first heard the name of the School I now work at, I had been unemployed for about a year, volunteering, working part time and doing whatever I could to keep myself marketable to a potential employer. I was motivated to write this blog as a personal arsenal of lesson plans and also to share them with fellow teachers. I had really high hopes that my lessons could be spread to other teachers and maybe someone who I had sent my resume would find this and see how truly dedicated I am to sharing my talents with future generations. Now I can look back at my blog and my dedication to my volunteering at Rainey as my personal act of goodness and giving. Of course with spreading around  good karma, a positive attitude and the enthusiasm that at least I can teach, came back to me two fold when the director of Rainey approached me with the opportunity to teach in a new school. That was about 6 months ago when the last school year was still in session, and I was asked to come for an initial interview, then invited to observe a few classes, then asked to teach as a teaching artist. I added myself to their sub list and gave them anything else they needed. Just to follow the small led I had been given. It’s amazing how fast they hired me once a position opened, they were really efficient with their process, to be honest I almost thought it was too good to be true.

This year I can start off the school year as a paid educator. And I owe this all to my path from Rainey. But I also know that my amazing education really plays tribute to my talents, and all of my hard work has really paid off.

When I first wrote this blog I made sure to have a personal dedication to my late Mentor, Karen Malandra. And now, after the year I had, even the journey I took through the hiring process, I wonder if maybe Karen is looking down on me and laughing. Almost as if she were to tell me that I had no choice but to become a teacher, it’s my calling. I think back to the things she taught me, the things she reminded me of, and I know that she truly prepared me for any school system I could finally plant my feet into.

Now after the week I had I can tell you that this year is setting up to be really exciting. I can’t wait to see how each day will treat me, how the students will learn and together we will all grow as a class.

I look forward to sharing with you my future lessons with my 4th-6th grade classes from my NEW teaching position!!


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