Bookmark Weaving

LESSON TITLE: Bookmark Weaving
TEACHER NAME: Jennifer Schupak
GRADE LEVEL: 1st – 3rd
CLASS TIME: _45_Minutes _1_Days/week _1_# Session(s)
SUBJECTS COVERED – Weaving, Math (Patterns)


  • Students will show understanding patterns for shapes and colors.
  • Students will follow instructions and demonstrate how to weave two pieces of paper through a set-up paper.


  1. Weave Bookmark Page
  2. Crayons
  3. Scissors


Weaving – Weaving is the textile art in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads, called the warp and the filling or weft (older woof), are interlaced with each other to form a fabric or cloth. The warp threads run lengthways of the piece of cloth, and the weft runs across from side to side.

Patterns – design: a decorative or artistic work



Have students enter the room and seated evenly distributed at their tables. Again I am using the 1, 2, 3 and 4 numbers handed to each student and they will sit at the tables which correspond to their numbers. This method has continued to work for me each time. This keeps my students at alternating tables, with alternating friends and partners at each table.


This lesson focuses on two complex concepts for students to understand. First, patterns, students will explore patterns with shapes and colors. Last week we worked on patterns with colors only, so this week I want my students to go over patterns with color and shapes. Crayola has some amazing pre-created coloring pages. I love using this free resource for my students who really enjoy projects like this. This helps them veer away from the fear of creating shapes that don’t look right. Or not making it perfect. There are 4 strips students can color. Three have shapes already created for students to create color patterns, and one allows students to create their own pattern. Once the bookmark pieces are all colored students can cut out all of the pieces and then follow the more difficult instructions. The bookmark itself, has dotted lines for the students to cut slits in the paper to weave the paper through. It’s important that the students understand not to cut all the way through, or they will end up with many pieces of paper and a ruined project. Getting over this hurdle together is an important step. If it is necessary use the end of the class period to make sure everyone has a properly cut bookmark piece for weaving. Explain to students the weaving yarn or thread is what creates fabric. This is the first step to creating a solid bookmark. These projects can be used as a present for a holiday or for reading week. If you have the resources, you can laminate these, punch a hole on the top and loop yarn through the top for a more creative present.


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