Funny Snowflakes Mobile

LESSON TITLE: Funny Snowflakes Mobile
TEACHER NAME: Jennifer Schupak
CLASS TIME: _45_Minutes _1_Days/week _1_# Session(s)
SUBJECTS COVERED – Math (Shapes, Geometry), Art Methods


  • Students will understand how to create snowflakes from simple cuts in folded paper.


  1. Markers
  2. White printer paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Yarn
  5. Stapler (for teacher use only)
  6. Wire hanger


Moblie – a type of kinetic sculpture constructed to take advantage of the principle of equilibrium. The objects on the structure are placed to create balance.



As apart of a practice of classroom management I separate my students into 4 tables of 6. Three chairs on either side of long tables and on each table I have nothing but a number either 1, 2, 3, or 4. On small cards I wrote out the numbers 1-4 and have 6 of each number. I meet my students at the door and hand them each a numbered card to where they proceed to their table. I use the first minute of class to calm them down as I collect the numbers and explain to them what we will learn about in class today. I find that since I have new students each week in addition to the students who have been coming since the beginning that it’s not possible for me to give my students assigned seating. Unfortunately my class changes too dramatically from week to week to give them any more structure than this, but so far I am finding that this number system keeps them away from sitting at tables with their friends and helps them socialize with many students through out the period.


Students will be given two white sheets of paper and told to fold the paper in half, and in half again. They will then draw on one side of the paper with a pencil a simple geometric line that goes diagonal across the page. They will then cut that out. Then they will draw two triangle or square shapes on either side of the shape half way down. And then cut that out. They will then cut the middle corner off and can repeat on the second shape using different shapes to create a second snowflake. Leave an uncut area in the middle along the fold for the snowflake’s face.

They will then open the object up to see the new creation and use markers and crayons to add facial feature to the snow flake. They can add eyes, mouth, and squiggle line to the sides for decoration. Students can add glitter and glue, or outline the flakes on either side. Have students decorate both side of the snow flakes for the mobile.

Use yarn to staple to one end of the snow flake and have students tie tot he bottom of the wire hanger. Add both snow flakes and hang in room for a winter wonderland. Make sure students write their name on at least one of these to take home for winter break! This is also a great lesson right before a winter concert night or event parent teacher conferences.



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