Van Gogh Follow Up

Well Van Gogh was a hit! As usual I used a book from the library and my trustworthy teachers example. I talked about the dark history of Van Gogh and why exactly he did cut his ear off. I talked about his fondness of bright yellow color, and the paradox it brought to his expressionist work. I told them about “Starry Night” and what they thought he was thinking when he painted it.

I then talked about hatching, and what the technique was  and how we would use it to show motion in their projects. Had this been a school with grades I would have based my grades off of their performance in the hatching, and the colors they use. Not just how well it looks. The importance of this lesson is to get down the technique using the oil pastels. I can from here predict how well they would do using paints. Paint is a much more difficult medium to use when you are not focusing on the layers used and how to lay the foundation of the piece followed by the layering of the various items with in the project. I have varying levels of students, and I am very limited to how much I can work with them. I still have students who come in half way through class, students ho only come once and I never see again. Students who hate being there, students who haven’t eaten and can’t focus because they are so hungry. And then most of them are distracted by each other. So when i get any results at all I am satisfied.

You can view my Stary Night variations below:


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