Marc Chagall Follow Up

As always I encourage all teacher to have visual examples of artist work when teaching them. I love using library books because they are free and readily available. This week I used a book with a lot of his work and I went through work which I had tabbed through out the book. I am still new to the rules of the school so I left out all of the religions images in his books, both Jewish and Catholic images. But when i was talking about memories and important things to my students one of them brought up Jesus and church and asked if she could put that in her drawing. I was a little taken back and asked my assistance’s for their opinion. They informed me that as long as I wasn’t forcing, or imposing my personal beliefs that it was OK.  So I let her run with it. And then showed her and my older students the religious images I have omitted earlier. I was really pleased with how mature the were about the topics and the way they took to the lesson. I did show them my example and some techniques. Some of them didn’t get to finish their project, so this week I will let them get to that, I am going to be teaching Van Gogh and we will also use oil pastel. So the transition here, I hope, will allow for a nice result.

Here are their projects;


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