TEACHER NAME: Jennifer Schupak
CLASS TIME: _45_Minutes _1_Days/week _1_# Session(s)
SUBJECTS COVERED – Color Combination’s, Spacial Recognition, Cutting and Pasting, Following instructions, Sharing, Math


  1. Students will now use skills learned before to cut out shapes, such as circles, squares, triangles, etc. to decorate faces.
  2. Students will learn to share colors, shapes and ideas with each other.
  3. Students more advanced with show other students how to cut shapes out, using students as teachers to help each other move along.


  • Mask print out
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Popsicle stick or sting for students to hold masks to faces


Organic – shapes found in nature

Geometric – Shapes that are created using sharp clean lines which can be identified with math calculations


Students should all be seated with nothing in front of them. Talk to them about an upcoming holiday, such as the day of the dead, Halloween, Purim, or even a masquerade  or any other holiday which you may dress up and wear a mask. I like using a teachers example for this to show them what you are looking for. Give students each a Mask outline and talk to them about various shapes which can go on the page.

Once students have the general idea give each table one of each color construction paper. Tell them they are all to share the colors and once they run out of one color they can have a new page if they need more. This helps cut down on the mess.

When students have finished cutting out shapes and lay out what their mask will look like, have them clean up their area and then give them a glue stick. When they are finished allow them to cut the mask out, make sure they don’t cutoff anything that goes over the black line!! Once they are done make sure to have a word search on hand for those who finish early.

This lesson can be used for costume design, encourage students to dress up and have a small parade to celebrate the holiday!


I had students cut the masks out after they finished gluing. I later regretted this because a lot of them cut off some of their hard work. And cutting the eyes out were a lot of work. Next time I would have students cut the masks and eyes out first.

I let my students take their work home with them since it’s Halloween weekend.  But I did get a nice class picture of my students before I dismissed the class.


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