Shape Fundamentals: K-2

So last week I discovered the hard way that I need to cover the fundamentals of shapes before I can expect my students to know how to draw those shapes. I have high hopes in the future to go over cartooning and how shapes and primary colors are what create the world around us. But I need to slow down. And I need to make sure that my students have the knowledge and the tools to be able to do such things. But I also don’t want to be doing arts and crafts with them. I don’t want them making all the same thing. On top of that I need to gain better control of my students. Keep them active but also keep them listening. I want to allow them to have time to create and express themselves but also not let them get out of hand. But I don’t want to let them rush through the lesson because it will be too hard to control the ones done and instruct the one’s who are still working. This is a lot to achieve and keep going for an hour.

I wanted to start simple with a square, a circle, a rectangle and a triangle. So I made up two worksheets with a square, a circle, a rectangle and 2 types of triangles. I put arrows on the shapes indicating the way to trace them and I had them use crayons to do so. Before I handed out the worksheets I showed them the shapes and we talked about each shape. We talked about what a circle is, what can you find that is also in the shape of a circle? Such as a pie, or a ball, or the sun. Then we talked about the rest of the shapes in the same manner. After I spoke about each worksheet I had a student pass them out while I went around and allowed the students to pick one color crayon. We have a large box of about 500 crayons in only a few colors so it makes it easy for me to pass them around. Then I had them write their name at the top of the top of the paper and told them to wait. Then I had them trace the circle. Then the square, then the other shapes. When they were done they cut out the shapes and colored them in creating different things that you think of when you see each shape. About 90% of the class finished and I let them paste the colored and cut shapes on new paper, write their names on the back and them put their things away. The lesson went well but I am still concerned about some of my students who had difficulty grasping the purpose of the shape lesson. I had one student who came up to me with her mangled rectangle, show me that she had folded it half cut two sides at once and made it into some sort of turkey roll or food product of some sort. This incident was slightly discouraging to me because it means that I didn’t quite reach out to everyone, and she still didn’t understand which shape was which. I had her discard her work and gave her new paper and had her repeat the project, which this time she did halfheartedly.

Over all I am still satisfied with this lesson and feel that most of my students have a better grasp on these shapes. And to reaffirm this lesson next week I have a short exercise using the same shapes but scale down so we can create a truck out of them. I am curious to see how well they will do with this.


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