Family Shape Follow up Week 2

This was my second week working with my younger students on the shapes and building a landscape. This time around I let my students walk in the room and find their own seats. I’m still learning their names, only seeing them for an hour once a week presents a challenge with learning their names. Not to mention I have a few students who are new, or only come once. This happens more with my younger students. So I decided to call out their names and they would raise their hand for their folder. Inside their folder was their work from last week. I explained to them that once they are finished coloring they could cut out their shpaes, throw away their garbage and then glue on to new paper. When they finished they could draw the background.

Once this was done I had word finds for them to work on.


A side note with the word finds. I created my own on Armored I love this website for allowing me to make my own. It not only gives you room to add many words to a word find, but also give you freedom in the color of it, the size, and gives you a teachers answer guide to print out. I was able to make my own word find with fall words. My students treated the word find like it was a gift, or incentive of some sort. This REALLY helped me with my classroom management. When my students were done I had something for them to do which really cut down on the running around, the distractions and over all kept everyone happy. I was so proud for parents to come into the room when they picked up their son or daughter and saw them happy and busy.


Overall class went great. I had most of my students finish their landscapes. Here are some samples of what they finished:


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