Picasso Faces Follow Up

WOW! What a happy surprise and treat it was to control my older students in a strong fashion. I was so excited about this project. Most of my students were able to finish drawing their Picasso faces last week, so this week I built a beautiful teacher sample. I was so excited at how cool it looked that I knew this was going to be inspirational to my kids. So I brought this in, and with my new teaching supplies which I received right away from SS Worldwide and I was SO excited to have more options to give to my students. I showed them my teachers example to inspire them.

They responded well and got to finishing their faces and cutting. I had them cut the faces apart because when I tried ripping the face parts I had a difficult time getting the results I wanted. So I guided them along. But I realised as one of my oldest students came up to me, my first mistake. I had originally planned to print out some word finds and other worksheet on Picasso for them to do. I knew that some of them would finish early and I was really mad at myself for this and I ended up letting the older students go early after they cleaned up their areas.

The younger students took the rest of the class time to finish. Here are some of results:


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