Family Shape Follow Up

I’m finally getting the hang of working with my little ones. I’m learning their names, and figuring out the best way to keep their attention. Before my students walked in i had stored though their folders. I have had many of my students come and go over the past month so I never know who is going to show up, and who will be new. I still like having their folders and being able to give them their work from the week before to finish. And to be able to have their work in their folders when they are done. Having them know they have a folder gives them some structure to the class. Although with my younger students I am still new, and many of them still don’t remember my name. We will be moving into a new building soon and I hope that my new classroom with give me a chalk board. It’s amazing how limited I am when I don’t have anything to demonstrate on.

I’m sticking on the track of shapes. This week I explained to them what a landscape is. We went over foreground, middle ground and background. And what goes in each. I also covered shapes from the week before with building our trucks. These came out very nice and I look forward to having some pictures up of what they were able to do. This week I gave them the worksheets to color each shapes and then cut out. My younger students are easily distracted and I was surprised with how long it took for them to color the two worksheets and cut all of their shapes. No one was able to get to gluing their shapes on the paper. So next week we will finish their project of building a landscape.


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