Shoe Monsters Follow Up

Well I have to say I was impressed at how well this lesson worked out, for most of my students. This lesson is certainly an age appropriate lesson, and should not be used when teenagers are present. In my class I had 3 female students who were all about 16 or 17. Of course it was never my intention to be giving this lesson to high school aged students but they were there and I have 25 other students I had to instruct. It was a challenging situation and when I tried to give them some responsibility they didn’t respond well. My future concern is how to teach them while teaching my 10 year old students?

But on the brighter side the rest of my students responded very well to my lesson. I had them all take off their right shoe and examine the texture on the bottom of their shoes. I then talked about the artist and told my students we would be paying homage to his invention by incorporating our shoes rubber bottom into our art today. This confused them for a second until I began to demonstrate. I borrowed one of my students shoes and put white paper on the bottom and began to rub the crayon on it. They all got wide eyed with excitement and I let them get to it. Some of them didn’t have the shoe in the middle of the paper so i decided to let them all catch up to each other and then I would pass out scissors and have them cut the shoe out and glue it onto new white paper. This gave them all a clean surface to draw the additional parts of their monster. Then I had them cut that monster out and glue it onto the construction paper where they drew a background. I was really happy with how they came out and I can’t wait to have these hanging in the hallway! Below are some examples:


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