Shape Basics Follow Up

I knew I had a few challenges facing my way with my little one’s when I realised I need to teach them their shapes before I can expect them to be drawing their shapes. It’s a reasonable request and I thought something that only one class would be needed for. And I had intentions for just one or two classes for a shapes lesson, but I think that we need to do a lot more work on this lesson. Shapes are one of the most important things a students car learn in early elementary art. They need to be able to identify as well as draw their shapes. I had handed out worksheets with a circle and a square on it. I asked them the name of the shapes, and then asked them what things look like those shapes. And then I had them choose one color crayon and trace one shape at a time after we talked about it. Then I did the same with the rectangle and the triangle. I was suprised to see how many students wanted to rush through the exercise, And how much work it took for them to switch crayons. I learned a new trick, to have them switch crayons with a partner. This cuts down on all the running around.

When we finished following the dotted lines I had them cut their shapes out. And then color the shapes as different objects which are shaped like a circle, square, rectangle and triangle. I had done a teacher example of these to give my students ideas of what they can do. I question myself now on if that was a mistake because a lot of them ended up replicating my own work. So I’m not sure if they used an easy option or if they fully understood what it was the drew.

I am really proud of some of my students who did think out of the box and gave me some other things they can make with the shapes. But then of course there are the students who didn’t understand at all what we were doing and one even rolled up her shape into a tube and called it some sort of food. She was really frustrated when I made her do the project over again.

Some of my students finished and I had them paste their shapes onto new paper making some sort of collage. The one’s who didn’t finish will finish during free time this week.

Below are some examples:


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