Why Artrait?

Artrait is an idea for a company which I have been working on, molding, and shaping into my own since my college years. Back then the thought of me owning my own, working, running business seemed silly, and I just kept my talents to the friends and family who needed them.  But that all changed the day my old boss asked me if I knew how to build a website for his friend who was trying to build her own company. I thought, Sure! That will be simple! But then how much will this cost? How do I build a contact, and where do I begin?? Well I’ve been fortunate enough to know people in the industry and I contacted friends with all my questions. A week later I was meeting with my very first client! Since then I’ve been developing my talents and skills to cater to everyone outside of my circle. I am right now a free spirit and looking to share my experiences running, building and rowing Artrait. I hope you will follow me in my journey.


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